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New Arrivals (week of Jan 1)

RJ Rockers First Snow
RJ Rockers Brown-Eyed Squirrel
RJ Rockers Strawberry Bomber
Caldera IPA
Caldera Pale Ale
Laughing Dog IPA
Laughing Dog Huckleberry Cream Ale
Sam Adams Merry Maker
Clown Shoes Peace That Money Can’t Buy Bourbon-Aged Quad
Tin Roof Parade Ground Porter
Abita Mardi Gras Bock

The number of commercial breweries operating in the U.S. has exploded over the past decade to reach 3,000 (representing more than 14,000 labels). Award-winning beer is being brewed all around us, and we aim to share as many tastes, styles and varieties as possible with our customers.


Brewniverse’s coolers and shelves are stocked with all your favorites:.

  • Unfiltered German Hefeweizens.
  • Citrusy India Pale Ales
  • Robust Irish Stouts
  • Tart Belgian Lambics
  • Porters, pilseners, marzens, dunkels… we have them all.

From distinguished imports such as Guinness to local artisans like Tin Roof, we aim to have the largest selection in the area. Keep in mind, Louisiana (like many states) is governed by the three-tier system where beer travels from brewer to distributor to retailer. This system was enacted after prohibition and isn’t going away any time soon. It has its perks. But it also means that we can only carry beer from brewers that have gone through the proper legal channels to distribute their products in our market.

Since I can’t bypass the middleman, we can’t legally sell Stone, Founders, Boulevard, Sweetwater, Oskar Blues, or that incredible brown ale you had on a ski trip to Montana.

StArnold1                                                                           LipsofFaithBeer2

That disclosure aside, we do have A LOT to choose from, including beers from far-flung places like India, Vietnam, Kenya, Spain, Barbados and the Philippines.

I haven’t counted them all (I stopped at 300), but can say that we have 120 different varieties just on our sampler shelf. Mix-and-match any combination you can dream of and build your own six-pack for just $9.99. While you’re here, be sure to also check out our rotating seasonal display. Right now, we’re transitioning into winter, which means hearty Imperial Stouts and Vanilla Porters and spicy Christmas ales.


Here’s just a small sample of what you’ll find:

Southern Star Bombshell Blonde                    CBC Sgt. Pepper
Lazy Magnolia Pecan Brown                              Ommegang Witte
North Coast Le Merle                                         Squatter’s Black Forest
Wasatch Polygamy Porter                                  Southampton Biere de Mars
Sam Smith’s Oatmeal Stout                               White Birch Hooksett Ale
Clown Shoes Chocolate Sombrero                    Wasatch Hop Rising
Shipyard Export Ale                                            Mendocino Black Hawk Stout
Slumbrew Flagraiser IPA                                   Rogue Dead Guy Ale
St. Ambroise Apricot Wheat Ale                       Southern Tier Hop Sun
Diamond Bear Oatmeal Stout                           Fort Collins Red Banshee
Green Flash Green Bullet                                   Prairie Ale
Fantome Del Ray                                                  Stoudt’s Fat Dog
Santa Fe Java Stout                                              Bruery Saison Rue
… and many more

Our products will change periodically, so be sure to check back often.

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  • Derek HenryJan 09, 2014 at 5:17 am 

    How am I just hearing of this place? is it still around??

  • NathanMay 17, 2014 at 7:59 pm 

    Yep, we’re definitely here — come check us out

  • Pete LarsenNov 04, 2014 at 9:36 pm 

    We, at Global Beer Network, are looking for a great beer distributor in the Shreveport, LA area. We currently sell our beers in New Orleans but need to get distribution up in this area. Whom do I need to contact at your location to get advise on wholesalers?

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